Sunday, March 31, 2013

PIKPOK's 'Into The Dead' Throws You Into The Middle Of The Zombie Apocalypse, And It's Absolutely Terrifying

You're cruising the skies in a helicopter, when tragedy strikes. The chopper goes down andeveryone dies. Literally, everyone. Except you. You awake in a new world. A world filled with the undead... and they're everywhere. There's nothing to do but run. For your life.

APP Review: Send SMS or MMS text messages from your PC or tablet using your Android phone number

Our little Android devices can do almost as much as some PCs, but it’s easy to forget that your smartphone is still a phone at heart. And with all the instant messaging services available for you to communicate, sometimes text messaging gets put in the backseat to the more robust features of something like Google Talk. Being able to keep up a conversation across multiple devices is incredibly handy, and it’s often much easier to type on a full computer keyboard as opposed to a smaller smartphone keyboard.


Now we’ve got an official announcement and teaser trailer.
The game is essentially a Temple Run-style endless running game, but with some pretty crazy, comic book twists. There’s way more destruction and bad guy blasting than you’re even going to see in Temple Run, and who doesn’t want to fly around in an Iron Man suit? The release date is set for April 25th, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated as that date gets closer and closer. Hit the source below to watch the trailer and see for yourself.
source: Twitter

Featured Android App Review: Jokes HD [Entertainment]


Oh if I had a nickel for every developer who writes to me asking to check out their new joke app. I usually don’t bother, but a new one from SMSROBOT LTD just hit the scene. Their most recent app, Countdown Widget, was a hit so I thought I would check it out. It’s called Jokes HD, and it has a very clean and smooth interface.

Facebook to unveil “new home on Android” April 4th

Facebook is planning something pretty big for a large unveiling on April 4th, according to their latest press invitation. What big thing, you may ask? Their “new home on Android.” What exactly does that mean? We don’t know, but we can make some pretty good guesses.
Facebook has recently been testing the waters with updates through their app outside of Google Play, so it makes sense that they may be launching something, like a phone that’s been in the rumor mill for ages. We’ve heard all kinds of rumors leak about the “Facebook phone,” and with Amazon’s success with their Kindle lineup, it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine Facebook taking another stab at the phone market, despite their first attempt not doing so well.
While all the signs point towards a Facebook phone announcement on April 4th, it’s important to remember they are still rumors. Facebook could just announce more changes to their Android application, or anything else. When the 4th rolls around, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.
source: The Verge

OUYA shipping to early backers, retail launch on June 4th

Early backers of the OUYA game console got a nice surprise this week when Julie Uhrman, the project’s founder, announced consoles had shipped already. If you were one of those supporters, your unit should be arriving any day now. When the units arrive, new owners will find: