Monday, May 6, 2013

Free Android Version of Carmageddon For First Day – Releases May 10th

More than two decades later, this cult classic is all set to make a comeback, and this time on smaller screens – read Android  tablets and smartphones. The game has already been released on iOS late last year, and is scheduled to screech through the Google Play Store for Android devices on May 10th.

Veteran gamers who have been around since the 90s, would immediately recognize this cult classic. Carmageddon was perhaps one of the most violent, but decidedly enjoyable racing games (with a twist) for PCs, back in the day. The twist involved mowing down pedestrians and wreaking as much carnage as possible during your run. Not the average racing game that one would have wanted teenagers to be exposed to, especially those who were slightly older, and possibly taking driving lessons.
For the uninitiated, Carmageddon involves racing a vehicle against other AI opponents in various different environments, like cities, industrial areas, wastelands and the ilk. The run has to be completed in a stipulated amount of time, but players can gain time bonuses by inflicting damage on opponent vehicles, collecting bonuses as well as by by running down pedestrians! And as a player progresses through levels, vehicles can be upgraded with boosters, level ups, and even carnage inflicting weapons, making it easier to wreak destruction on opponent vehicles, as well as to maim or kill pedestrians. Speaking of pedestrians, there are plenty of them around, all across the level. The game will feature tilt controls as well as on-screen controls, and users should be able to opt for the one they feel most comfortable with.
And here’s the surprise. The publishers are releasing a special, exclusive Promo Edition on Google Play, which can be downloaded for Free, within the first 24 hours. That’s the Full Game for free, no strings attached, for the first 24 hours.  Carmageddon has been ported to Android and iOS byStainless Games.

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