Thursday, May 2, 2013

PowerTrekk Charger: Now Charge Your Smartphones With Water

Researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden have developed a new device which will be able to charge phones and other small gadgets using water. According to Fox News, adding just a spoon full of water is all it takes for the device to charge a phone. Think about it, you can charge your handsets any where, including in desert, jungles or a place that has no provision of electricity. This could very well be the future of eco-friendly electricity.
PowerTrekk Charger: Now Charge Your Smartphones With Water
The world's first water-activated charging device, dubbed as Powertrekk, the device is capable of generating electricity using clean or salt water, the developers claim. The device is a product of 15 years of research on micro fuel cell technology and small flat Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells.
Steps To Use The Device
Step 1: Fill the water compartment of the PowerTrekk charger with one tablespoon of water and close the Lid
Step 2: Now connect an electronic device to the charger with a USB cable
Step 3: The charger arithmetically charges the device, as the water inside reacts with a small disposable metal disc causing hydrogen gas to be released. The gas combines with oxygen to convert chemical energy into electrical energy.
The charger is completely Eco-friendly and doesn't release any harmful byproducts apart from water vapor. Currently the technology is capable of charging small devices such as smartphones, digital cameras or ipods. The team is working on fuel cells that could power larger devices like laptops. The device is already being sold to customers around the world, including China and the United States, Japan and others. MyFC who manufacture the product have plans to make the device available for online retail.
Source: Fox News

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